Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ricoh GR1v on Home Turf - Part 8 (20/06/2012)

My black & white film series from Japan is slowly drawing to a close, although I might be able to draw it out to 10 parts.

I've been thinking of editing it as a single project but I can't really think of a title for it. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions... Anyone?

Whoever can come up with the name that I go with will have their favourite photo in the series professionally printed on a postcard, signed and posted to them (of course there are no guarantees I will definitely go with a name suggested by someone). I know it's a lousy gift/prize but it's not really a competition and it doesn't take much effort.

Leave your title suggestions in a comment and hopefully I'll make my mind up before I finish posting them.

Anyway these are the last set of the Tokyo photos. Shot on Ilford HP5 Plus at ISO3200 and processed in Microphen: