Friday 8 June 2012

Ricoh GR1v on Home Turf - Part 2 (08/06/2012)

Picking up where I left off.

Osaka, Japan, shot using my Ricoh GR1v on Ilford HP5 Plus pushed to ISO1600. Developed in Ilford Microphen.


  1. Nice post. I love the first shot. I love the streets of Osaka; they have that continuous tidy ugly chaos, and so much going on.

    A slight blur on the policeman, but it doesn't spoil his wide legged stance (he looks like a tripod lol).

    The escalator shot is nice with the mirrored ceiling reflections too. Where were these all taken? Where did you stay generally?

    1. These were taken in Namba, and the previous post was from Sakai city, on the southern outskirts of Osaka, which is where I was staying.

  2. So u went to Osaka!!
    Have u tried Okonomi-yaki & Tako-yaki? :)
    If not, u missed the best of Osaka!!!!!!!!!!