Wednesday 20 June 2012

Ricoh GR1v on Home Turf - Part 8 (20/06/2012)

My black & white film series from Japan is slowly drawing to a close, although I might be able to draw it out to 10 parts.

I've been thinking of editing it as a single project but I can't really think of a title for it. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions... Anyone?

Whoever can come up with the name that I go with will have their favourite photo in the series professionally printed on a postcard, signed and posted to them (of course there are no guarantees I will definitely go with a name suggested by someone). I know it's a lousy gift/prize but it's not really a competition and it doesn't take much effort.

Leave your title suggestions in a comment and hopefully I'll make my mind up before I finish posting them.

Anyway these are the last set of the Tokyo photos. Shot on Ilford HP5 Plus at ISO3200 and processed in Microphen:


  1. Hi Abtin, I stumbled upon your blog the other night from my search of the Ricoh GR1 V. I shoot with the GR1 V and the GR1 S - as well as the GRD 3 and GXR 28 mm. My question is, even at F16 on a bright sunny day how are you able to push to 3200 with a max shutter speed of only 500. I have never pushed film myself but find myself in dangerous territory sometimes even with 400 ISO at F16. Again pushing is something I'm not to knowledge with/about. Nice Blog by the way as well as your shots. I would be interested in seeing a hardcore review of the GR1 V as well as the others.


    Tim Cadman

    1. Hi Tim. Thanks for the comment.

      The GR1V goes all the way to f22. Shooting in strong sunlight can cause overexposure at ISO3200 and I have got slightly overexposed shot when doing so (maybe 1.5 stops overexposed), but shooting in normal sunlight or overcast conditions it is fine. You can't push/pull film on the GR1S as you may know but the GR1V allows for manual ISO settings.
      Regarding the review of the GR1V, I'm sure I'll do one at some time but I don't know when I'll get the chance.

      I hope you continue viewing the blog and commenting.



  2. Hi Abtin, thank you for the info. I will still be viewing your blog...