Sunday 10 June 2012

Ricoh GR1v on Home Turf - Part 3 (10/06/2012)

It's been an eventful week catching up with work and friends. Not to mention trying to get used to the cold weather and time zone difference.

I've been shooting street with my Ricoh GR1v on Neopan 1600, but I've still to develop two rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus shot during my trip to Japan as well as two rolls of Kodak Gold 200 (I don't expect anything good from those).

Anyway check out the photos:


  1. You got some good sharp images from low light and half light. Nice early evening street lighting.

    I really miss takoyaki stalls.

    1. I was shooting ISO 1600, plus there is a lot of ambient light in Namba, Osaka, as you may know.
      Yeah, I miss the Takoyaki already.