Tuesday 12 June 2012

Ricoh GR1v on Home Turf - Part 4 (12/06/2012)

Well, it hasn't been a productive weekend. I didn't develop any film or do much else. So by the end of next week I'll have at least four rolls of B&W to develop plus three rolls of colour (that's if I don't test drive a roll of Portra 400).

Also I haven't been shooting much since I've been back. Ok, I shot a roll through the Ricoh GR1v but I don't expect anything special in there.

I also went to the Burn My Eye exhibition on Saturday, however it was closed, which royally pissed me off. Maybe I'll visit next weekend, if I can muster up the will.

I'm still getting through posting the half decent photos from the couple of rolls of HP5+ which I have developed. Here are a few more, pushed to ISO 1600 and developed in Microphen:


  1. Another nice set. Am I right in thinking that rooftop shot was taken from the ferris wheel at Namco amusement center? and where were those dears at? I remember loads of tame dears at Nara, but can't remember any in Osaka,

    I really like tthat little corner wall shelf image. Slightly sinister dolls within the calmness of the white walls.

    Love the confused car window reflections. I can see your Ricoh!

    1. The second and third shots are from Nara. the rooftop shot is from the Ferris wheel at Hep Five in Umeda. Thanks again for the comment Bill.