Thursday 6 December 2012

London on Film - Kodak Portra 400 (06/12/2012)

Portraits on Kodak Portra 400... You can see why they call it Portra. Lovely skin-tone rendition, even with flash.

Most of these were shot when I was drunk, so I have little to no recollection of the events, but it's always fun when checking your developed negatives and scanning them, bringing back fragments of memories.

The one event that I do have a recollection of is the last photo in this post. I noticed a bloke with an Olympus XA, quietly observing people on the corner of Oxford Street and Regent Street and firing off the odd shutter. Naturally I was drawn to the scene which was reminiscent of watching back a video of yourself, so I sneaked up to him, aimed the camera, and waited for him to turn to face me before pressing the shutter button.
I then chatted to him briefly before continuing down Oxford Street. Does anyone know him?

Edit: The guy in the photo is Alistair Redding (Hi Alistair), I realised he actually emailed me a while ago. Here's a link to his work on tumblr:

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  1. LOL taking photos when 'slightly' drunk always has surprising results. I love the bemused look on that last guys face.