Friday 9 March 2012

Night Time Street with Flash (09/03/2012)

I went out for a second round of night time street photography with flash, mostly to see how I feel about working with flash. I'm aware that I would achieve better shots with an off camera flash, however this experiment is to see how comfortable I feel about "flashing" people (oh dear, that just sounds wrong) and what their reaction would be like.
I found that most people don't notice or don't realise that I was taking a photo of them and assume that I was snapping something else. I did get the odd glare or "WTF" look here and there but nothing too alarming.

Here are a few of the better shots. Shot with the GF3 and onboard flash + 14mm f/2.5:

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  1. Cool shots man. I really like the second and third frames. I'm currently experimenting with taking candid shots of people close range so i'm interested in the reactions you said you got from people.. I'm still not really comfortable with taking pics without asking but i'm working on it.