Friday 7 October 2011

Hello GF3

Hello GF3
Some of my first shots on the new camera. Snapped these on a Friday on my way to work and on my way back home via a central London.


  1. You certainly took a lot of shots that day. I am the same sometimes... I get a whole load of shots when ever I am in London; but I then sometimes have difficulty in choosing which ones to post on my blog.

    Check my blog if you ever have time:

    You really seem to have a similar taste in photography style to myself; although you are much better at it :)

    I have become more of a fan of B&W over the last year, but I still love colour when the image deserves it. Do use any particular post processing programs. (I use photoshop with 'Silver Efex Pro2' for B&W, and Color Efex Pro 3' and/or 'Topaz Adjust for colour'.

    1. Hi Bill

      I checked out your blog and indeed our styles are fairly similar. What is slightly strange is that I read your blogger profile and we are both design engineers and have fairly similar taste in music!!

      Anyway, I also use Silver Efex Pro2 along with ACR, although I've been spending more time on my film photography lately for reasons you will discover in some of my latest blog posts.

      I'd love to trade links on your blogroll so let me know if you're interested.



  2. I shall definately be linking to your blog in future! I think I can get some serious inspiration from your blog too. Interestingly, I just bought an old Yashica range finder, which I hope to learn (re-learn) all about film photography. Only on my second roll though, so fingers crossed on the results.

    The one thing I like about your images, is that you shoot real close up to people. That's how I like to use my Ricoh GRD3. I am not a fan of street photography using DSLRs and zoom lenses (even the much loved 50mm & 85mm primes are zooms in my mind). I am no fan of narrow DoF isolated faces with blurry backgrounds. The background is just as important as the subject. Your images share this idea throughout.