Thursday 13 October 2011

Brick Lane (09/10/11)

Another bus ride to Liverpool St and a leisurely stroll to Brick Lane. A bit of irony here, I had some guy with a disposable camera (with a U.S. flag on it) nervously ask me and my companion to take a photo of us. Now this is weird part, we were in Brick Lane and by Brick Lane standards we didn't stand out at all (if anything we were less trendy than your average Brick Lane cats). Of course I accepted and the guy clicks the shutter with his awkward shaky hands, realising he hasn't wound the film yet and sheepishly apologises before finally managing to take a snap.
Looking back at it I think I would have had a cool shot of him snapping a shot  of us and maybe gave him a card.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and hit me up with a comment if you'd like.


  1. I looove your street photos of people... they are crisp and honest and depict life in the "moment". I really enjoy looking at them. Beautiful work.

  2. I love Brick Lane, just for it's magnetic attraction for all the usual suspects and characters. Interesting place to wander with a camera. It's like shooting fish in a pond with a rifle.

    My actual fave shot here is the second from last one. I like her look through her hair.

    1. Thanks again Bill. Yeah, Brick Lane is such a great spot for people watching, street photography or just to pass a few hours.