Saturday 16 February 2013

London on film - Neopan 1600 @ ISO1600 (16/02/2013)

This is my 200th post since I started this blog, in October 2011. Since then I've posted hundreds of photos (maybe even, in the 4 figures).
I started out the blog so I push myself to shoot as often as I could in order to have sufficient content for my posts. I then slowly realised that I was forcing myself too much and was ending up with dozens of photos per post which were not even noteworthy, let alone any good. This led me to limit the number of photos and the frequency of post which I think has subsequently increased the quality of photos which I'm posting. Let me know if you agree...

All shots taken with the GR1v on Fujifim Neopan 1600 shot at ISO 1600 and developed in Ilford Microphen stock solution:


  1. If you just post 1000s of photos, the good ones will get lost amongst them.

  2. That is true indeed. Quality not quantity... that's the current policy.