Wednesday 16 May 2012

Neopan 1600 @ ISO 3200 (16/05/2012)

Last weekend was an interesting one for me. I did a fashion shoot, shot some street, and developed and scanned 4 rolls of film. Talk about productive!

I did have a bit of trouble with my developing on Saturday night though. I was tired, and sleepy, but decided to develop some pushed Neopan 1600 which was exposed at ISO 3200.
So I got two films and the tank in the changing bag and started getting the film out on to the reels. Boy, did I find it difficult. The film kept jamming, not winding on to the reel and crumpling up.
So eventually I decided to take a break. I couldn't understand why I was having issues! It worked with no problems the past few times...
After watching a video of someone getting film on to the reels on youtube, I realised that I wasn't trimming enough off the start of the roll, and that it was the bent section which goes into the take up spool on my camera that was causing my film to jam in the reel.
After I trimmed more of the film off past the leader, I bent the tip over and tried again. This obviously worked as I managed to get the film on the reel the first time without a jam.
I finally finished developing the two rolls by around 2am and got them scanned in by 3am.

Sunday morning I processed another 2 rolls, this time shot at ISO 1600. I had no trouble this time and got the film on the reel on the first attempt.

Problem solved then and I guess these are things you learn as you gain more experience.

Wow, I think that was my longest post so far!

Check out the pics... Shot with The Nikon FM3A and the 35mm f/2.5 Nikon E series Lens on a rainy London day:

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